Top Enders very own Soap Opera

Top Ender has a great imagination. Sometimes she says things that have me wondering where on earth she got the initial seed of an idea from so that it could develop in to the scenario she is involved in. Just last week as we were walking home from the local shop she was telling me about her divorce from her invisible husband.

Turns out that they were going to his Grandmothers second wedding, and were all dressed up when he jumped in a puddle covering them both in dirty water which ruined the clothes they were wearing. She told him that that wasn't nice to which he replied huh and blew a raspberry and told her if she felt like that then they should get a divorce... and so they did.

Today however he seems to have won her back over as Baby Boy and I were invited to their wedding. We had to sit in the living room and wait for his family to arrive and to save money Top Ender did her own makeup, but got me to do her hair. They decided to have a sit down meal instead of a party and luckily nothing has happened yet to spoil the bliss of married life, but her father in law is drinking a bit much so might start something later.