Top Ender Giggles - Not an option

We went to the Doctors at the start of the week as a second cousin of mine has discovered that she has a heart problem, which is apparently heriditry. This means that me or Top Ender or Baby Boy could have it too.

Whilst we were sitting listening to the Doctor typing away on the keyboard writting a letter to a consultant or two about this Top Ender whispered in my ear, If you come to my funeral make sure they know not to burn me. I don't want that.

We went to my Gran's funeral last week and she was cremated, so I think that she was adding all the information she had up and getting the worse case scenario.


  1. At least she has a sense of humor!

    That makes any news better!

  2. She does seem to have a knack for finding humour in the odd places!


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