Top Ender Giggles - Breakfast is da dope!

Daddy reported it back to me last night that when Baby Boy was downstairs with me yesterday morning and he was helping Top Ender to get dressed they were discussing breakfast.

"Daddy will you make me breakfast instead of Mummy?"
"Sure, whys that though?"
"Mummy said she would give me weed for breakfast."
"Yes. She has given it to me before when you weren't here"

At this point Daddy was a little confused and was trying to work out what on earth she meant as he was pretty sure that I am against drugs and wouldn't be supplying our daughter! He must of looked confused as Top Ender started to elaborate.

"She said it was shredded weed"
"Shredded weed?"
"Yes and she said that cousin likes it too"
"Top Ender do you mean Shredded Wheat?"
"Oh! Yes wheat"