Top Ender tells the truth, even under pressure!

Top Ender was one of the last out of her classroom this evening and told me that Teacher wanted to have a word with me. The last time Teacher wanted to have a word with me was the start of the week where she told me that Top Ender wasn't listening to the Teachers.

I asked Top Ender if it was bad news and she grinned at me and said No! Teacher told me that there had been an incident earlier in the day where another child had accused Top Ender of hurting them.

When Teacher had gone to Top Ender on this Top Ender had very politely and calmly informed Teacher that she hadn't, Teacher explained that telling the truth was important and Top Ender again calmly said that she hadn't been involved.

It eventually came out that the other child had lied for some unnamed reason, but Teacher (and me) were more impressed that Top Ender had remained calm for the half hour she was under suspicion! I am so proud!