Top Ender Giggles - Different Rules, Same Top Ender

Top Ender stayed overnight at Granny's last night. There are different rules at Granny's like you can stay up as late as you want and together we can eat junk food all night. I don't mind these rules, they are what memories are made of. Today when Granny, Auntie and both Cousins returned Top Ender home I asked her if she had been good.

"Oh no she was so naughty. She wouldn't go to bed when I told her", said Granny winking at me
"Is that true Top Ender?" I asked in mock shocked horror
"Do you want the truth Mummy?"
"I actually wanted to go to bed earlier than Granny would let me!"

At this point Auntie started laughing "Is that true?"
"Yes, she went to bed on her own at 8:30 and was asleep in seconds!" said Granny!