Top Ender Giggles - Even I didn't know!

Yesterday afternoon Top Ender was complaining that she didn't feel very well. We happened to be at the Doctors already for another reason and I just assumed she was being a pain! When we got home, she was sitting on the Sofa and wanted a blanket. I was busy playing with Baby Boy and so told her she should go get one from her room.

A few moments later she was shouting from the stairs that there was sick upstairs. I thought she said that the cat had been sick (worryingly as none of the cats were in the house) and so asked her to repeat what she had just said.

"I've been sick and I'm sorry"
"Its okay come down, let me clean you up"
"Its on the landing and in my room"
"That is okay, you get washed and undressed in the bathroom and I will go clean it up and get some PJ's for you to wear okay?"

After we had everything cleaned up (jeeps that kid threw up a lot) I apologised to her for not believing her when she said she felt ill.

"That's okay, don't feel bad. I didn't know I was going to be sick until it was on the floor!"