Family Meals W/C 26th November 2018

I'm so excited for this week, not just for our Family Meals, but for me, the Christmas season starts this FRIDAY! Yup, Tops and I are off to London for the launch of some very special vending machines, and of course, they really show the real reason for the season, giving as our Saviour would. This is followed by Tops going to see a show with Flyfour (one he went to see a couple of weeks ago!) and Dan Jon and I having a special evening together and then Saturday we're having a Brunch with a friend (Tops and I are) and in the afternoon finally putting up our Christmas decorations. I can't wait!

Christmas Cup at McDonalds


Monday - Pastries and Hot Chocolate
Tuesday - Sausage Hash
Wednesday - Omelette
Thursday - Cereal and Toast
Friday - Bullseye Egg
Saturday and Sunday - Sort yourself out!


Monday - School Lunch
Tuesday - Sausage Rolls
Wednesday - School Lunch
Thursday - Sausage Rolls
Friday - School Lunch
Saturday - Boys fend for yourselves, Girls Brunch!
Sunday -

Evening Meal

Monday - Fish Pie
Tuesday - Orange Roasted Chicken and Rice with Broccoli
Wednesday - Pasta and Sauce with extra Veggies
Thursday - Veggie and Bacon Bake with Jacket Potatoes
Friday - Something Special as it's just Dan Jon and I!
Saturday - Sloppy Joes
Sunday - Fish and Chips

So, that is what we are eating this week. What about you, what are you planning on eating this week?