What We Are Eating W/C 12th November 2018

We missed a few meals last week, we were doing "other" things, that I forgot about or that took place last minute and so I've been trying super hard to remember everything in advance this week! Luckily nobody starved and we're more excited about the meals for this coming week and for some other things happening in the next few weeks too!

Cocoa on Dunstable Downs

Top Ender, Dan Jon and I really enjoyed our egg week last week although I really need to practice boiling eggs, so that you can still dip your soldiers in them, rather than just plain old hard boiled. This week, we have a mix of breakfasts to use up what we've got in the house and because I'm hoping to get someone converted to the benefits of Porridge!

Monday - Porridge with Cherries
Tuesday - Cornflakes with warm milk, Toast and Fruit
Wednesday - Sausage Toasties
Thursday - Boiled Egg and Dippy Soldiers.
Friday - Omelettes with Peppers, Bacon and Potato
Saturday and Sunday - Sort yourself out

Lunches this week for the Children will include a couple of portions of fruit, a drink, a treat and if it looks like a little amount of food, a pack of popcorn. I will either eat leftovers, the same as the children or as is more likely this week, toast with pate as I plan to make some on Sunday!

Monday - Grated Carrot, Cheese and Salad Wraps
Tuesday - Sausage Roll
Wednesday - School Meal
Thursday - Cheese and Salad Sandwich
Friday - School Meal
Saturday - Flyfour and Dan Jon to sort themselves out (Tops and I are away)
Sunday - Munch and Mingle

Our evening meals this week are proper comfort food, with plenty of food to keep us warm and toasty. We may have turned the heating on, but that doesn't mean it is staying on. I'm still of the persuasion that if you can put on a jumper or an extra pair of socks that will probably solve your issue of being cold. Of course, Friday, when Tops and I are away, will see us partaking in a midnight feast!

Monday - Cheese Toasties (or as my friend calls them Breville's)
Tuesday - Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Mash
Wednesday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Thursday - Fish Pie with Salad
Friday - Flyfour and Dan Jon to sort themselves out (Tops and I are away)
Saturday - Pizza (When Top Ender and I get back)
Sunday - Fish Fillets with Chips and Peas

So, that's what I have planned for our family this week. What are you having now that the nights are colder and dark?