A HIIT Christmas

If you've followed my socials for a while, (and let's face it I've not been very good with keeping the blog updated but my socials tend to be updated fairly often!) then you'll know I attend a HIIT class three times a week, with Milton Keynes most Inspirational Personal Trainer (she won an award, that's not just me saying that!) and that I love it. 

I started in July 2021, and quickly became a convert when not only did I see inches and lbs drop off but when I realised that I loved exercising in this way, that I loved working out with weights, that I was building muscle and my body was getting a shape, I was getting toned and... well we won't talk about the endorphins that I get from the exercise and from being with a group of like-minded women!

This December I thought I'd be a little, well a little Pippa.

I thought I'd dress up for the HIIT sessions, and what was originally going to be just a few different T-shirts and dresses, turned into wearing a different dress-up outfit each session and each day at my day job.

This of course led to a couple of videos... One from me

and one from Laura!

So now I need to be thinking about how I'm going to top this in 2023...