When I Changed My Mind About Pandora

I was never a fan of Pandora Jewellery, mainly because I don't tend to wear much jewellery but also because I find them to be cluttered and that honestly reminds me far too much of my brain, which is almost as bad as my laptop with at least 15 tabs open, two playing clashing music and at least three of them are the same window because I forgot that I'd opened it twice already...

However, my Mum had a bracelet, that was covered in charms that she adored and was always buying charms for. She had charms that reminded her of important events, initials for Dan Jon and Top Ender, a Koala for when she went to Australia, charms to mark my niblings being born, Christmas and birthdays and other significant moments that she wanted to remember.

When my Mum died, my sister organised it so that the charms would be split between us, each of us getting charms that would remind us of our Mum, our families and of moments that had stood out to our Mum. Having the bracelet, with charms that my Sister and Mum had picked out has meant more to me than anything and even though the bracelet I have is a little too big for me to wear, it's draped around the bedpost so it's the first and last thing I see every day.

Then Flyfour got me a Pandora Double Wrap Snake Chain bracelet for Christmas. He did ask first, and because it was all clean lines and a bit of sparkle at the clasp, meaning I got a tiny amount of bling,  I fell in love with it.

I thought I could put the charms onto my bracelet from my Mums bracelet, but it didn't seem right. It didn't suit the bracelet, it didn't suit me. Plus my Mum complained a billion times about the initials for Dan Jon and Top Ender catching on her jumpers and I knew that would annoy me too!

Seeing my Mum's bracelet as I wake up and fall asleep has become a ritual for me and the fact that the bracelet I do now wear is Pandora, means that I have a daily little reminder of something that was important to my Mum, but is also true to me.

It's weird, I never thought I would be a Pandora bracelet wearing woman, but here I am, and I love it.