All About Us

A Mothers Ramblings is the true story of an ordinary British family that like to have fun with everything they do. They don't mean to be funny, but quite often find themselves having conversations or in situations that wouldn't be out of place in a Classic British sitcom.

The blog is written by Mummy AKA PippaD. Pippa is not your typical British Mummy Blogger although she does cook, clean, garden, play with her children and write this blog! Pippa is well known for her creative lunches, for asking very random questions and her love of having fun and Dr Pepper. If she isn't on a fun day out with her Family, then you will find her at home playing with her children, exercising whilst trying to watch Neighbours or trying to sort out the junk drawer. You can also find her at Pippa World where she is blogging about her weight loss journey and random thoughts that pop in her head.

Daddy is the head of the household and every so often on Twitter where he is known as Flyfour. His twitter stream includes pictures of what he and the family are up to, the funny things he sees and his love of gaming. Daddy occasionally writes blog posts, is in charge of the 3D projector and makes a great Wheat and Gluten free Apple Crumble. During the week he stays in Birmingham and there is nothing that Daddy likes better than a date night or making the perfect Gluten free Scone...
Top Ender is Twelve years old and always looking for fun. She is occasionally on Twitter but more than likely she is practising her Violin or watching Winx cartoons. Top Ender's biggest ambition is to own a sweet shop, whilst holding down a full time career as a Fashion Designer/Model/Pop Star/Best Selling Author/Dancer/TV Star. Knowing how determined Top Ender is she'll probably add Prime Minister to the list as well.
Big Boy is Seven and likes everything, even more so if it is Red. Big Boy was diagnosed as being a Type 1 Diabetic on Friday the 13th July 2012, and started Insulin Pump therapy on 13th February 2014 but neither stop him having fun! He's been at  School for nearly two whole years, and loves his Special Friday Lunch Boxes and as he has "finally" (his words) learnt how to read he loves to write his own books. His typing and language skills on Twitter are fantastic and he will continue trying to find a way to live at the local play park.

Top Mummy Blogger PippaD and her family