Family Fun List

Daddy and I have a wish list of things that we would like to do with Top Ender and Big Boy before they are too big to appreciate the magic in everyday life. As this blog is a record of the fun things that we do as a family, we thought that you might like a list of the Family Fun we want to get up to.

We will keep adding to this list as we think of things that would be fun or as Top Ender and Big Boy come up with suggestions as they grow, if you have an idea for us feel free to suggest it!

1.) Go in a Helicopter
2.) Go Camping in every county in England
3.) Read the Top 100 Children's Books together
4.) Watch a Sunrise and a Sunset in one day
5.) Go to Disney Land and meet our favourite characters
6.) Be a voice in a cartoon
7.) Take a Family Portrait
8.) Ride on a Steam Train
9.) Go to a Movie Premier
10.) Enter a conker competition
11.) Go to a Beach Party
12.) Go Dog Racing
13.) See how a film is made
14.) See where some of our favourite films were filmed
15.) Go to an Outdoor concert
16.) Go to a Drive in Theatre
17.) Sleep on an overnight train
18.) Climb Big Ben Clock Tower
19.) Meet someone famous
20.) Go to Lapland to see Santa
21.) Go into Space
22.) Go see a West End Show
23.) See a Volcano
24.) Enter an Art Competition
25.) Climb a Mountain
26.) Raise money for charity
27.) See wild Dolphins
28.) Climb a waterfall
29.) Learn a Second Language
30.) Experience the culture of another Country
31.) Build a huge sandcastle
32.) Solve a Maze
33.) Learn to Swim
34.) Learn to cook
35.) Try National dishes from other countries
36.) Go on a Road Trip
37.) Go Tobogganing
38.) Enter a Photography competition
39.) Bury a Time Capsule
40.) Milk a Cow
41.) Enter a film competition
42.) Make an invention
43.) Live in a Manor House (even if only for a couple of days!)
44.) Visit a light house
45.) Swim in the Sea
46.) Climb a tree
47.) Go to Loch Ness and look for Nessie
48.) Be on Television
49.) Roll down a really big hill
50.) Walk along the Canal
51.) Walk Coast to Coast in Scotland
52.) Visit the USA
53.) Visit the London Dungeons
54.) Visit a Museum to see a famous historic piece
55.) Visit an Art Gallery to see a famous piece of art
56.) Ride a Horse/pony
57.) Go to Legoland
58.) Visit a Windmilll
59.) Go to France
60.) Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
61.) Go to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
62.) Be a Zoo Keeper (or Safari Park!) for the day
63.) Visit a Chocolate factory
64.) Go on a Cruise
65.) Use a Metal Detector
66.) Plant a tree
67.) Grow their own food
68.) Pick their own food
69.) Eat in the Rainforest Cafe
70.) Eat in the Hard Rock Cafe
71.) Visit John O' Groats
72.) Visit Lands End
73.) Visit a Desert Island
74.) Take a trip on the London Eye
75.) Visit to The Eden project
76.) Visit to Thomas Land
77.) Visit to Digger Land
78.) Visit to Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty to you and me)
79.) Visit Bletchley Park
80.) Holiday on the Broads
81.) Stay in a Hotel
82.) Have Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
83.) Watch a Football Match
84.) Watch a Basketball Match
85.) Watch an Ice Hockey Match
86.) Grow a really tall Sunflower
87.) Have a snowball fight
88.) Go to Gardaland
89.) Visit Italy and see the sights
90.) Visit Paris and see the sights
91.) Visit Japan
92.) Visit China
93.) Visit Australia
94.) Dance in the rain
95.) See the Aurora Borealis
96.) Swim in an outdoor pool
97.) Win a Baking Competition
98.) Visit a Butterfly Farm
99.) Have something made just for us
100.) See a Meteor Shower
101.) Walk alongside Hadrians Wall (maybe not all of it though!)
102.) Think of more things to do!