Work With Me

As you can see, this is a family blog and we do on occasion review products, services and what-cha-ma-call-it's, so if you are a PR and would like to talk to me about something you think we'd love get in touch either via email.

We don't publish press releases, but we might mention your competition on our Facebook page and whilst we do sometimes accept sponsored posts the links in them are normally non follow and we do not accept paid links.

If you email and ask, I'll send you over my Media Pack, which contains all the facts and figures for this blog (things like Unique Page Views and number of followers etc) and my rates for various things.

We love having fun as a family, and experiencing things together so if you are inviting me on a cruise or want to send me to America, please remember I like the rest of my little family to come too...

I am a regular guest on Radio shows as a trusted authority on parenting matters, social media, blogging and religion and I am available for public speaking.