Privacy Policy


I wish this was a delightful page about all the cookies that I make but instead it's about little bits of information that through the magic of the internet makes it way from my website to your computer.

Tasty Gluten Free Cookies

If you want to read a proper description of what a HTTP Cookie is click the link and it will take you to Wikipedia where some clever people have explained it so that even I can understand it.

Anyway, because the EU like to make sure that everyone has their own privacy protected they have made a new law that says I have to tell you that I use cookies on my website.

It's true I do.

I use them in Google Analytics which helps me know who reads what on my blog, using what device and where they are from in the world.

This helps me to know things like more people come to read my Barbie film reviews than anything else, which I'm not so sure is a good thing and also that the majority of people who read this blog are from the UK but that there are some readers in Peru (¡Hola!), China (你好) and The Republic of Yemen (مرحبا).

I also use cookies with my comment system (so that it can remember who you are the next time you visit if you have filled it in before) and the Google adverts that I have in my sidebar will read other cookies you have had left on your computer to advertise something relevant to you.

This is why it seems like I'm being followed by adverts for M&S. I really need to stop online shopping there.

If you don't want Google to leave cookies on your computer then you can download an add on which helps you opt-out. They explain it better than I can.

If you don't like cookies then you can always read my blog via your favourite reader as I think that is a way round it or you could just not visit here.

But don't do that. It would make me sad.

Of course, you could just never comment and as soon as you have read what you want to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete which should take you to the bit in your settings to delete cookies.

Now I'm off to make some tasty cookies.

Actually scratch that.

Whilst I'm here I better mention some other bits too. 

This privacy policy sets out how A Mothers Ramblings uses and protects any information you give me when you use this website. Any information you give via this blog will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy.
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact information, such as an email address.  
This information will be used for internal recordkeeping, and to allow A Mothers Ramblings to send you promotional emails about content on the site you might find interesting. If I ever get round to having a newsletter you might get one of those too. 

This information will never be shared with a third party without your express consent, unless I am required to do so by law. 

I don't argue with the law.

If you have previously agreed to A Mothers Ramblings using your personal information then you can change your mind at any time by emailing

You may also request a copy of any data held about you by A Mothers Ramblings under the Data Protection Act 1988. Such requests should be submitted to 

A small charge may be made for providing this information. 

If you believe any information A Mothers Ramblings holds on you is incorrect or incomplete, please email as soon as possible to the above email address. Any inaccuracies will be corrected as soon as possible. 

This privacy policy is effective from 1st August 2012.