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Hello Everybody!

Everyone likes to get emails and so if you have any reason to contact me please do by sending an email. Please be warned that I do sometimes think I've replied because I thought about it but then don't actually press send... I will get round to it!

I will happily talk about Advertising, Sponsored Posts, Reviews, Competitions, Working with Brands, Judging Competitions or appearing on your TV or Radio Show... although really you should be reading my work with me page!

Then again you might want to talk to me about my secret dumpling recipe, adding more fun into the things you do with your family, my lunch box ideas, one of my other blogs or why I love Dr Pepper.

You can always talk to me on Twitter, or on Facebook and if you are really wanting to know about my secret dumpling recipe or adding more fun to your family life then you might consider taking a look my boards on Pinterest too.