Top Ender, Baby Boy and I have been lucky enough to have two awards given to us recently. I have wondered about what to do about them, as I would like to pass them on but this is just a blog about the things Top Ender and Baby Boy say and or do. So I asked Top Ender.

"We have had an award on our blog about the funny things you do Top Ender" I said
"Is there a cash prize?" asked Top Ender
"No, you get a picture to put on the blog."
"Oh. No trophy either then?"
"Hmm. Better put them on the blog then hadn't you Mummy!"

So here they are!
Our Lovely Blog Award
Our first ever award came from OMG We're Pregnant!

The rules to this award are:
Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
Pass the award to 10 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

State your 5 pet hates for everyone else to comment on.

So here are our newly discovered blogs

1 The Wife of bold
2 Are we nearly there yet Mummy?
3 Gemmak
4 Take care of the pennies
5 Sticky Fingers
6 The Potty Diaries
7 Not Wrong, Just different
8 Single Parent Dad
9 Maternal Tales from the South Coast
10 Part Mummy Part me

And here our mine, Top Enders and Baby Boys pet hates!

1 Adverts aimed at Adults on Childrens cartoon channels.
2 People who smoke, who claim they are not addicted and could give up at anytime. Yeah right!
3 Chain letters, come on what are we nine years old?
4 Overly competitive parents.
5 Running out of chocolate.

1 Having to go to bed when it is light outside.
2 When I spend ages on a drawing and then Mummy says What is it?
3 The man who parks his car on the yellow lines outside of my school.
4 Mummy making me practice my handwriting.
5 That Mummy doesn't make enough cakes for me to eat.

1 Mummy stopping me eating grass.
2 Mummy stopping me hitting the computer.
3 Daddy changing my nappy (Mummy does it better!)
4 Top Ender putting her toys up high so I can't reach them.
5 Cats that run away from me just when I get close enought to stroke them.

Honest Scrap Award

Thanks to The Wife of bold (here), we got the above award! The rules of this award are that we need to choose 7 blogs to pass this award onto, and list 10 facts about ourselves as well.

So here are the blogs and the facts about me, then Top Ender and then Baby Boy follow!

1 Finance for a freelance life
2 OMG We're Pregnant!
3 Working mum on the verge
4 Being a Mummy
5 Worlds Apart
6 Mighty Mother
7 Snowbabies

1 I don't drink alcohol and haven't since I was 17 and a bit.
2 I like watching children's cartoons. Even when the kids are in bed.
3 I love Chinese food and don't care what dish it is! I'll eat anything within reason!
4 I was in the Children's choir for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat when I was 13 (that was in 1992!)
5 I met my husband online.
6 We got engaged after three dates in as many days...
7 I like to knit and cross-stitch. I'm learning to crochet too. Yes I know.
8 I follow Flylady :) and thank Heavenly Father for her everyday!
9 I read anything and everything. Even shampoo bottles.
10 I don't like using the telephone. I once didn't answer it for three weeks. Our answer machine got really full.

1 I like to eat Strawberry's. I like to eat Strawberry's a lot.
2 I don't like the colour black.
3 My favourite game is pictureka!
4 I like taking photos on my camera. Actually on any camera.
5 I like making stories up about Sally, the chickens that live down the road and me.
6 The Argos catalogue is kept under my pillow.
7 I like watching Pop Girl and grown up programmes like Pushing Daisies.
8 I do not like fizzy pop.
9 I have an invisible husband.
10 I have my own blog 

1 I was born in my sack, I don't know what this means but Mummy said it is lucky
2 My favourite thing in the world is Booby juice!
Fake Advert for Booby Juice

3 I like to follow Top Ender everywhere... even the toilet
4 I like the TV, it talks to me.
5 I like flirting with ladies in supermarkets, shops, library's anywhere actually!
6 I like to eat grass, it tastes of... grass
7 Feeding myself is more fun than Mummy feeding me.
8 I like having my photo taken as I like looking at pictures of me
9 I like to be naked!
10 I have my own blog