Top Ender Giggles - The most obvious is the answer

Top Enders Granny is a diabetic and will openly inject her insulin or take her blood sugar in front of the Grandchildren so that they are aware of what happens.

Today Cousin wanted to have her blood sugar checked which caused Top Ender to want to have a go too. Top Enders levels came back a little high.

"Mummy, Granny did my blood!" she enthused
"Wow, Top Ender! Shall I tell you something silly?" I asked
"When ever Granny does it to me I faint!"
"Oh" she sounded very disappointed
"I will have to take you to the Doctors about this though, okay?" I said
"But my finger doesn't hurt now!" she exclaimed
"No, it is just we need to make sure that you aren't the same as Granny"
"What? Old?"