A Mothers Ramblings: Top Ender Giggles - That'll learn him!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Top Ender Giggles - That'll learn him!

"Mummy? Is there anymore Crabby patty?" asked Top Ender
"No, there isn't. Sorry Top Ender." I answered
"Can I have some of Baby Boy's? she asked already edging towards his plate
"Well not really it is his to eat"
"Oh okay. Shall I pass him some?"
"If you would that would be very kind"
"Waaab yum!" squealed Baby Boy

A few seconds later

"Mum? He is passing it to me should I eat it?" asked Top Ender
"Well I think he wants to play pass the food really" I answered
"That's naughty! You don't play with your food, I'll eat it so you learn food is to eat!"
She then whispered "Pass me some of your pasta too!"