Top Ender Giggles - That'll learn him!

"Mummy? Is there anymore Crabby patty?" asked Top Ender
"No, there isn't. Sorry Top Ender." I answered
"Can I have some of Baby Boy's? she asked already edging towards his plate
"Well not really it is his to eat"
"Oh okay. Shall I pass him some?"
"If you would that would be very kind"
"Waaab yum!" squealed Baby Boy

A few seconds later

"Mum? He is passing it to me should I eat it?" asked Top Ender
"Well I think he wants to play pass the food really" I answered
"That's naughty! You don't play with your food, I'll eat it so you learn food is to eat!"
She then whispered "Pass me some of your pasta too!"


  1. Aw sweet - i think she's mastered the art of manipulation already :)

  2. I think you maybe right, and with Baby Boy worshiping her I think it can only get worse...


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