The Best Friend Problem

Big Boy has had two best friends since the start of the School year, and today was a really horrid day for him as both of them changed schools.


Both of them.

On the same day.

Now I don't think that the parents of the boys were intentionally stitching me up, even though one of my friends did suggest today that I'm part of some Truman Show type TV Show (I'm not delusional, she suggested it not me!) and this would make a great plot twist, but with both boys leaving on the same day it has left me with a rather terrible problem.

Big Boy looking stylish

Big Boy is devastated and I don't know how best to comfort him.

I can tell him that he will make new best friends, but the truth is everyone else is paired up already and the other boys that he is friends with just aren't the same as the two friends he has lost today. I can tell him that he'll be okay, but the truth is that he'll feel this hurt for a long time. I can tell him that it's okay as we have both boys addresses and both boys telephone numbers and me and their Mums will make sure that they keep in touch, but the truth is that after a while we won't.

This weekend, we're going to try and have a lot of fun and when Monday comes, Big Boy will go to School with a smile on his face and know that he is loved and that anything is possible. Hopefully he'll come home with tales of a new friend.