The No Carb Nights

Every so often, when we change the ratios of insulin to food or the amount of insulin Big Boy is given per hour (and it varies over the day and night too) via his pump, we are asked to test that the amount of insulin Big Boy is given is the right amount. We do this so we can make sure that we're mimicking what a "normal" person's pancreas will do and because I'm pretty sure that the Diabetic Care Team at the Hospital like to mess with us and our sleep patterns.

The way this testing is done, is by giving Big Boy a 0g carb meal. That way for his meal he doesn't need to have any "extra" insulin to cover the food and so we can see if the basal rates are right. Too much insulin and Big Boy will have a hypo (low blood sugar, where we have to give him sugar) not enough and he'll be hyper (a high blood sugar, where we have to give him some insulin) just right and he'll have perfect numbers between 4 and 8 mmol. The problem is of course, that in order to test this, we need to do regular tests through the night.

Big Boy wearing his Cannula and Insulin Pump

So, say we eat at five, I test at 7:30pm before BB goes to bed. I test again at 10pm when I go to bed, at Midnight, at 2am, 4am and then at 6am when I get up. Big Boy gets up at about 7am and so we test again before breakfast at about 7:30am. A few nights of this and my body starts thinking that it doesn't need sleep.

And I wonder why I'm tired!

What I'm really after though are some fab 0g carb meal ideas as I'm sure that Big Boy is a little bored of what I'm creating. Please leave your ideas in the comments below!