What We Are Eating W/C 3rd December 2016

It's finally December! I love this time of year, becasue everywhere looks a little festive, everyone is a little nicer to each other and everyone just seems to know that during December there is a little magic lingering for us all to find.

Make it a December to remember

Apart from if you are doing the food shop. Then it's really hard to find.

Well, never mind! Here is our weekly meal plan!

Saturday - Not Sure!

We are actually out during the day today, going to see Wicked in London. My Mum has already tried to poison me so that she can go in my place, but it isn't happening!

I am hoping that we will be able to spend some time in London in the evening, looking at the Christmas lights and hopefully going to Hyde Park and the Southbank Christmas Market... so we could just eat food from stalls and hope for the best!

Sunday -

Meatless Monday - Soup and Toasties

I'm off out tonight for a Christmas meal. I will be kind and feed the children before I leave, Flyfour will have to fend for himself however!

I thought I would make the children Soup and Toasties as I'm less likely to steal them.

Tuesday - Honey Mustard Chicken with Potatoes

I really fancy some honey mustard sauce, so I figured I could make it tonight! Along with the sauce and chicken I'll serve boiled potatoes (or maybe those cubed ones) along with some vegetables. I figure green beans or peas would be good because it would add a bit of colour and I tend to add carrotts to my sauce!

Wednesday - Carb Free Omelette

Yet again, Dan Jon Jr will be cursing me for not only giving him eggs but also giving him a carb free meal.

It's okay though because he will love me when I'm happy with his background insulin levels.

Thursday - Fish Cakes with Chunky Chips

I've love fish cakes. I'm not sure the family love them as much as I do, but I love them. We're having chunky chips with them and mushy peas tonight because I'm in charge and therefore everyone has to do what I want them to!

Fishmonger fillteting Fish

Plus who doesn't like a nice bit of fresh fish!

Friday - Party Tea

We're having a party tonight. Nothing major, just some picky bits to eat and a bit of a dance and a bit of fun because I thought that the family would love the chance to have a party and to generally have a bit of a giggle and because, well I quite like my family and want them to have a happy time!