What We Are Eating W/C 17th March 2018

I know, you've all thought that I've starved the family over the last few weeks. Not only have no meal plans been published, but I havent posted a single cup of Hot Chocolate to Instagram nor any Salads. It's not true though! Really I've just cut back on the Hot Chocolate, I've forgotten to hit publish on the meal plans and it really isn't the weather for Salads in my humble opinion.

No, this is the weather for comfort food!

Piles of Steamed Veg, Casseroles and very yummy things that probably make our insides all happy with love added to every bite!

Saturday - Toad in the Hole

I love Toad in the hole, not because Flyfour makes it (although that is a rather crucial part) but because it combines two of my favourite foods, Sausages and Yorkshire Pudding. I've given up complaining that it shouldn't be served with Baked Beans, but some form of Vegetable that I like and instead put up and shut up as I sometimes advise the rest of the family, when my experimental dishes have gone a bit wrong.

Sunday - Fish and Chips

Flyfour makes a wonderful Gluten Free Batter, that I just cant replicate. So today, we're having Fish and Chips, with buttered white bread because that makes the meal even better and loving it. I would suggest peas as a veg, but I shan't push my luck!

Monday - Tuna with Gnocchi

I do like Gnocchi, it's tasty and so quick to make. I'm going to ask Top Ender and Dan Jon to help make it tonight, because after we've been out for a walk on Monday evening, I'm thinking they need to cook and I need to rest.

Tuesday - Chicken and Mushroom Rice Casserole

I'm a big fan of the sort of dishes where you combine everything in a dish, leave for an hour or so in the oven and then serve with a Salad and everyone is happy... This is one of these dishes!

Wednesday - Pasta with Tomato Sauce and added Vegetables

Plain old pasta, plain old pasta sauce and topped with cheese. I will however sneak some mushrooms and onions in because you know, it makes it tasty.

Thursday - Broccoli and Cauliflower Cheese with Secret Bacon

For some reason the other night, Top Ender suddenly announced that she had an idea to put bacon in Cauliflower cheese. We all thought for a second before agreeing that it sounded fab and we'd have to have it soon.

Today is soon.

Friday - Shepherd's Pie

I love a Shepherd's Pie and whilst I did originally have it down for one of the dishes at the weekend, I thought we could wait until Friday night and I would make it with the children ready for when Flyfour gets home so we could share it together.

So that's what is on the plan for this week. How about you?