What We Are Eating W/C 31st March 2018

I can't believe that it is almost April already! It means it is nearly my birthday! It means it is a little over 50 days until the children have half term! It means a little over 100 days until the Summer Holidays starts!

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr shooting each other

Saturday - Salmon with Potatoes

We should have had this yesterday, but after having spent most of the day in the garage we thought we deserved a takeaway. This, of course, was until I said we couldn't have one as it wasn't in the budget! In the end, we all had a meal that we wanted from IIceland'swhich came to just £11 and was way cheaper than a Take Away!

Sunday - Roast Beef

Flyfour decided that he wanted Beef for Easter, so we're having it today. We're going to try to remind him to not eat all the meat, as he'll need some tomorrow when we have Roast Lamb... unless he wants lamb tomorrow of course!

Monday - Roast Lamb

Every Easter we have a meal with my Mum, it's a tradition. This year we're having it on the Bank Holiday Monday because General Conference was on over the weekend and my Mum was wise enough to know we wanted to watch as much live as we could!

Tuesday - Spaghetti with ham and cheese

We're having a cheap week this week. I had Spaghetti in the cupboard, and I'm going to cook it and then combine it with either some Cream Cheese or make a quick Cheese sauce and chuck in some ham, some onion and a side of Sweetcorn Cobs.

Wednesday - Soup and Toastie

I asked Dan Jon what his favourite soup was. He said Plain. This is what I assume he means...

Thursday - Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Another Pasta dish. Even though Gluten Free Pasta is quite expensive (when compared to non gluten free pasta), we worked out a couple of weeks back that a meal like this costs a total of £1. That's not per head, that's per family of four and we love it!

Friday - Sandwiches, Sandwiches and more Sandwiches!

We are off out today, so I'm making up plenty of Sandwiches to take with us. I was planning on taking Sandwiches for our evening meal, but Flyfour seems to think that a treat of a bag of chips would be better... I have to agree!