Meal Plans W/C 20th February 2021

Last week I spoke with the Dietician about the families diet and if there were any changes that could be made as Dan Jon's cholesterol is raised. It was agreed that we have a pretty good balanced diet and didn't need to add or change anything.... but I used the time to speak with the professional about some changes that Flyfour, Top Ender and I have been talking about in order to help the entire family lose a little weight.

A table full of salad items

The dietician agreed that everything seemed good with our "diet" plan and so said we could go ahead! The good news is that it isn't really that different to what our current diet is, we're just making sure there are extra veggies at each meal, eating a Salad with each meal and thanks to Top Ender that we have enough calories left to enjoy some sweet treats too.

Saturday - Chilli Con Carne

I'm not really a fan of Chilli Con Carne thanks to an incident in my childhood involving Dunstable Downs, the great storm of 1987 and my newlywed Aunt looking after my sister and I for the weekend... Anyway, we'll serve this with rice and salad and hopefully, everyone will be happy and there won't be a storm this weekend!

Sunday - Roast Chicken Dinner

We're going to have Chicken (duh!), with roast potato, peas, cabbage, carrots and some stuffing. The biggest difference is that we're going to do two things different. First, we're going to have a salad as a starter a bit like we're at a restaurant and secondly, we're going to be really hot on portion size and make sure that nobody is given too much!

Monday - Pasta with tomato sauce

We all love a bowl of pasta! We're serving it with grated cheese (dairy-free for Tops and Flyfour if he is here) and knowing me a tonne and a half of fruit after.

Tuesday - Tuna stir-fry

We're having tuna with peppers, spinach, onion stir-fried with a tomato sauce (I'll make extra of the base for the sauce from last night, but skip adding the herbs) and serve with rice.

Wednesday - Macaroni and Broccoli Bake

Top Ender loves Mac and Cheese, which this sort of is. There is plenty of Broccoli added in, because we all love Broccoli, but we're also adding in some red peppers and peas. I'll mix fromage frais with milk (dairy-free) and grate some mozzarella over the top and put under the grill to allow the mozzarella to go gooey.

Thursday - Salmon and Potatoes

Top Ender is not going to be happy because she doesn't like boiled potatoes, but I'm going to serve the Salmon with them, as well as Green Beans and Broccoli. 

Friday - Vegetable Pizza

We love making Pizza, so we're making individual pizzas and topping them with veggies of choice. I'm putting red onion, peppers, spinach, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn on mine!

So that's what we're eating this week. How about you?


  1. You eat so well. I love all the meals you have planned. The sound so healthy. The tuna stir fry sounds so good and the vegetable pizza too x


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