Meal Plans W/C 27th February 2021

I cheated and made this menu last week, at the same time as I was making last weeks menu. I'm not sure why, but it seemed making a meal plan for two weeks was easier than making one for one week! It meant it was easier to buy ingredients for things like lunches over the two weeks, but also I was able to buy larger packs of some veggies and fruits (frozen) because I knew that we'd use them over the two weeks... Plus Tops is coming round on the whole side salad thing!

Sandwich and Side Salad

Anyway, Tops and I have really enjoyed this last week of meals, Dan Jon never complains about food (unless it is carb free or Beef that he doesn't enjoy the texture of) and Flyfour just hasn't been here enough to complain!

Saturday - Sweet and Sour Pork Noodles

I love Sweet and Sour. It's one of my favourite meals because it's so easy and quick to put together and there are so many ways to add extra vegetables to make it a really hearty meal. To make it better for me, I can remove the pork and just have extra vegetables, which will make me super pleased!

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

Flyfour loves making a shepherd's pie and we love eating it. That's all I have to say about that!

Monday - Veggie Burgers

I'm going to make veggie burgers and serve them with new potatoes and salad. We can have them with baps if we want, but I'm guessing that most of us will opt to have a desert instead.

Tuesday - Pesto Salmon with Noodles

The recipe for this is fairly simple. Cut up some Salmon and sautee with some onions and peppers, add some pesto and serve with noodles.

Wednesday - Baked Potato with Beans

A quick meal tonight because of Rainbows, Brownies and Ward Council. I'll get one of the children to put the Jacket potatoes in the oven in the early afternoon and by the time Rainbows is over they will be ready to serve and I can get back to my back to back meetings!

Thursday - Lasagne

I love a veggie lasange, so we're all having one tonight. I'm going to make slices of garlic bread and of course everyone will have a Salad too.

Friday - Fish Pie

I know the family aren't always happy with Fish pie, but I'm hoping that it will slip pass them because of the other meals this week!

So that's what we're eating this week. How about you?