What We're Eating W/C 6 February 2021

I always love a food challenge month as it makes meal planning so easy. Top Ender helped me come up with some great meals for some of the nights this month, but with having limited (well not really that limited) ingredients to pick from it means there isn't a whole of lot of options to pick from but I am trying to pick some meals that mean I'm stretching the palates of my family... they are not so keen on this!

a very tasty salad that my family wouldn't eat unless were forced!

Saturday - Nachos

I know we only had Burritos last night, but Nachos is a firm family favourite. I'm sure it is because the children prefer, like me, to eat with their hands and Flyfour just loves Nachos, having them for lunch when I'm not around! I just love that I'm allowed all the Guacamole as the rest of the family are not fans.

Sunday - Creamy Chicken, Bacon and Cauliflower Bake with Roast Potatoes

I think that every food challenge I do, we find one meal that is a family favourite and is subsequently becomes a regular addition to our meal plans. I have a feeling this one (recipe linked in the title) is going to be that meal from this challenge.

Monday - Cod and Pea Risotto

The family are going to hate me, but I don't care. I'm going to sweat some onions and garlic, slowly cook some rice by absorption, add some peas at some point and serve it with some pan-fried cod.

Tuesday -  Chicken Salad

I figure if the family are still not talking to me from last night, that I may as well continue with the blessed silence and give them another meal they won't be happy with. I'll make a Chicken Salad and croutons.

Tops was a little concerned that the only "Salad" ingredients I had in the shopping were lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. I let her know that we could also use the onions, that I could grate and shred the carrots to add to the salad and the to give texture. Depending upon what we wanted from the salad I could also throw in peas, as well as raw cauliflower and broccoli too.

Wednesday - Poor Man's Pasta

I swear if it were up to me we'd eat Pasta every night. Poor man's pasta for me is just the best, get some pasta, add some garlic and some onion and anything else that is either in the fridge, the cupboard or the freezer and cook it up.

For some reason, this always involves lots of butter when being served, so the children are with me on the whole loving pasta thing.

Thursday - Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of those meals that I can't believe I didn't eat growing up. It's so easy to put together, you can make taste different by using different sauces or adding different flavours into the mince mixture and when served with mash it is the ultimate comfort food.

Friday - Sticky Chicken with Rice

This is probably one of the easiest meals to cook with good flavour and can be made so healthy with adding different veggies to the dish. I'll keep it quite simple though and add sliced carrots, onions and peas to the rice!

So that's what we are eating this week! How about you?


  1. I love reading your meal plans!
    Nachos is such a Saturday meal. I think we might have to have them soon. I love the sound of the creamy chicken bacon and cauliflower bake.
    Good luck with the meals that your family isn't too keen on.
    My mum used to make meatloaf when I was a kid and for years I never ate it because I didn't know how to make it, then I learned. We've not had it in ages. I think I will have to add that to my meal plan soon. x


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