A Mothers Ramblings: A is for Asda, M is for Morrisons and T is for a thick assistant!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

A is for Asda, M is for Morrisons and T is for a thick assistant!

Today we went for a walk round one of the local supermarkets. We tend to do this every few weeks just to get out of the house and to spend time together doing silly things. I always try to turn at least part of it into a learning experience, it might be reading, counting or learning about different types of vegetables or fruit or fish.

Today we needed to purchase some quick microwave rice for Daddy. I asked Top Ender to look for rice that started with a "P" as he likes pilau rice. Top Ender started scanning the various packages muttering "P, P, P" when an assistant stocking the shelf next to us asked if I needed help.

"Thank you, but we are okay I am teaching my daughter to read and so she is looking for the item we require to improve her reading skills."
"Oh, okay" said the shop assistant

Top Ender found the desired package and then asked what rice I wanted. I set her about looking for this item on the shelf in front of us.

"E, G, G" said Top Ender
"E, G, G" I repeated
"Boobs!" shouted Baby Boy
"Do you require help finding an item?" said the assistant who was still stocking the shelf.

I paused for a second and looked to check that it wasn't a different assistant before replying;

"No, my daughter is still learning to read"

"Oh, right." said the shop assistant.

It isn't just me is it?