Baby Boy is still learning fast!

A Neighbour is carrying out some building works at the moment and for the last few days there have been diggers and dump trucks visible in their garden and audible in our home. Baby Boy is terribly excited about this and will stand by the windows shouting out to the men working the machines demanding that they will look at him. Today our Neighbour noticed him and called up to him,

"Hello Baby Boy, are you watching the Trucks?"
"Hiya! Dada, Mama, brummmm"

Happy he had been seen and heard he allowed me to close the window and crawled off to play with some toys in his room. He picked up some toy diggers and started moving them along whilst making the "brummmm" sound.

I didn't realise just how quickly he was able to associate the sound to the machinery. It amazes me everyday just how much he learns and how fast.

Baby Boy and PippaD