Baby Boy walks!

Top Enders teacher (Teacher Two) asked me if I could stay this morning to talk to the class about Baby Boy and how he is different from older and younger children with two other Mums and their babies. Top Ender was sitting in the front row, just in front of where I was to sit. After we had told Top Enders Classmates about the babies, they were allowed to ask us questions. We join the scene halfway through;

"Anyone else have a question?" said Teacher Two
Top Enders hand was the only one that went up.
"Yes Top Ender, do you have another question?" said Teacher One
"Yes, when can babies stand up on their own?"
"Well lets try and work it out. Baby Boy is nearly One and he is just about standing on his own is that right Top Enders Mummy?"
"Yes that's right, he can stand on his own, but then he will fall down on his bottom!"

The Class erupted in laughter as I had used the word bottom.

"Would you like to see?" I asked
"Yes!" The Children chorused
"Okay Baby Boy, stand up!"

At this point Baby Boy stood on his own for a few seconds, and I looked up to Teachers One and Two and joked;

"You'd better get that camera ready because if he takes his first steps, I'll want it recorded!"

And with that Baby Boy took six steps towards Top Ender before launching himself at her and giving her a kiss!
Baby Boy taking his first steps to Top Ender
"Clever, clever clever Boy!" squealed Top Ender whilst I burst into tears and the other children looked on wondering why Top Ender was so excited about the sloppy kisses he was giving her.

"Was that really his first steps?" asked Teachers One and Two
"Yes! All of you children just saw something really special" I cried
"Get him to do it again!" said Teacher One

And so we did and again he walked to his sister, although now he was a little more excited due to the cheering children!


  1. Awwww! What a sweet story!

    I love that video. Especially his face in the camera at the end.

  2. Thank you - that is Baby Boys best part too, he keeps insisting on watching it!


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