Top Ender Giggles - She's a Daddy's girl!

Top Ender wasn't paying much attention whilst we were in the car, whilst we were visiting Nanny B (my Gran, Top Ender and Baby Boys' Great Gran) and we were talking about family trees;

"Of course, Grandad J and I were first cousins you know" said Nanny B
"Yes and it totally messes up my family tree" I said
"It is only 1st Cousins that can get married though, you couldn't marry your sister or brother in law" said Nanny B
"Yes you could! If I divorced Mummy, I could marry Auntie" said Daddy
"I'm coming to live with you Daddy" piped up Top Ender
"I'm not divorcing Mummy and marrying Auntie Top Ender! I was just saying"
"Oh. Love you Mummy" said Top Ender