What We Are Eating This Week W/C 30th July 2016

Just so you all know, I managed to last a whole week without talking to one of my best friends (Top Ender) and I didn't collapse in a pile of tears. In fact midweek, Dan Jon Jr, Flyfour and I were chatting and we all discssed how much we missed Tops so it wasn't just me!!!

Anyway, here's the weeks meals that we have planned!

Dan Jon Jr, Top Ender and I (PippaD) hanging out!

Saturday -  Salmon and Vegetables

We have some Frozen Salmon pieces in the Freezer and as we all love Salmon, we figured we'd have it tonight.

Plus, it's quick and as we're busy doing chores for my Mum today, we figure we're going to need a quick meal!

Sunday - Roast

There is one great thing about our eating a Roast on a Sunday and that is having the whole family together to eat a meal and to just share time together and have a giggle. During the week, the meal seems more rushed (even though we spend the same amount of time together eating meals during the week!) and so it's nice just to relax a little more on a Sunday.

Meatless Monday - BBQ

I'm planning a little Meatless BBQ, I have some Gluten Free and Meat Free Sausages and some Gluten Free and Meat Free Burgers from Quorn so as soon as Flyfour gets home we'll serve them!

We'll serve it with a salad and add ons like Coleslaw and Potato Salad because Flyfour and I love them and because the Children will tolerate it because they know I'm in charge!

Tuesday - Bolognese and Pasta

I've been hunting through the cupboards sorting everything out and I figure this will be a store cupboard meal as I have everything in the cupboards and freezer.

Pasta Bolognese

Wednesday - Beans on Toast with Sausages

Top Ender is off Camping with Flyfour today, so Dan Jon Jr and I are on our own for a few days. We decided that today we'd have Beans on Toast with Sausages or possibly with Chips because we can!

I hate beans so this is actually a really nice thing I'm doing for Dan Jon Jr!!!

Thursday - Fish Fingers

As Tops and Flyfour are away, Dan Jon Jr and I have to think about what we're wanting to eat. I asked Dan Jon and he said I dunno, what ever is in the freezer.

So we looked and we had Fish Fingers. So we're having it with Sweetcorn (cos I hate beans) and whatever carb is in the cupboard. I figure pasta or rice.

Friday - Burgers

I had to think what Dan Jon Jr would really like, so I decided we'd have HUGE burgers with Onion Rings and Shakes and i'm sure there should be more "stuff" but that's all we could think we wanted!

So that's what we are eating this week, how about you?