What We Are Eating This Week W/C 9th July 2016

I think that I'm losing my mind.

I'll wait whilst you stop laughing.

Anyway, seriously I'm either over tired or it's true and I'm finally becoming who everyone thinks I am. Anyway, here is the meal plan for this week!

Saturday - Take Away/Beaver Camp

I'm at Beaver Camp with Dan Jon Jr tonight, so Top Ender and Flyfour are having a takeaway.

Dan Jon Jr at Beaver Camp last year

Sunday - Pork Chops

After Dan Jon and I get back from Beaver Camp, we're going to have Pork Chops (covered in Apple Sauce and Cheese) with Mash Potato, Green Beans and some other veg but I'm not sure what yet.

Tops and I are then driving to Northampton to go to a Fireside for the Youth. Hopefully I won't be too tired from the Camp the night before!

Meatless Monday - Bean Burgers

We love our Meatless Meals, so we're having Bean Burgers (in buns) and I'm going to serve them with chips and sweetcorn cobs.

Tuesday - Salmon and Courgette

I'm having a carb free meal as last Wednesday we made some changes to Dan Jon Jr's overnight basal rates and tonight we want to make sure that they are working right.

I figured salmon, courgette with a bit of cauliflower and a carb free pudding (because that's how lovely I am) would satisfy everyone.

Salmon about to be Steamed.

Wednesday - Special Sod Diabetes Tea

Today is the anniversary of Dan Jon Jr's diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes and so we're going to have a "Sod Diabetes" tea.

Dan Jon Jr is going to decide what we have, however I know it will contain Cake, cake and more cake and did I mention cake?

Thursday - Sausage Pie

Last Thursday was the last day Dan Jon Jr went to Beavers. I'm a little emotional about it all as it shows how he is growing up and especially as for the last few weeks I've been helping out with the Beavers (I figured it was easier to volunteer myself instead of getting the parents to take a turn each week as I'm always there because of Dan Jon Jr) and I've gotten to know all the Children so well.

Anyway, last week was also the last week of Guides before the Summer break (although we do have to go to a meeting tonight for the Camp Tops is going to) and so we figured we'd celebrate by having a meal that I think is a favourite of both Children!

Friday - Fish Finger Pie

I was searching the web (as you do) when I discoved a fishfinger pie.

The fishfingers get covered in peas and then cheesy mash. I'm going to hunt out some small little individual rectange pie dishes (because I'm like that) so that it can be a little more special.