The Travel Brochures

Many many many years ago, Flyfour and I were planning an adventure. We were going to take a holiday of a lifetime and planned to drive all over America and do all those tourist things that other people seem to do and love. We were going to travel down Route 66, we were going to see the Grand Canyon, we were going to eat Pizza in New York City and get Gumbo in New Orleans. Hyped up with the excitement of planning a holiday, Flyfour signed up to get information about a few of the States that we wanted to visit.

Flyfour and PippaD enjoying time together

Within a few weeks, heavy thumps on the doormat let us know that the information had arrived. Flyfour and I poured over maps, making lists of places we wanted to see, or at least drive past a sign so we could take stupid selfies of us at Towns with funny names.

Then life got in the way. To undertake a trip such as the one we wanted to would mean spending an absolute fortune. Plus, we had children and we couldn't take them out of School for that long and Flyfour couldn't take that long off from work. The plan was made into a one-day idea or at the very least a few major highlights would one day be our road trip destination.

The next Summer, there were a few heavy thumps on the doormat one day. More brochures had arrived. New brochures, updates from last year, but there were very definitely more than the year before. It gave us a giggle and we looked at them, but not with quite the same vigour as before.

A few years later and I had come to dread the Summer, for the heavy thumps on the doormat were all too frequent. States we had never thought of going to still had us on their mailing lists and as we had no way of contacting them, we had no idea how to stop the avalanche of brochures arriving.

It died down eventually, with just one or two brochures arriving over the last couple of years. And then there was this year.

California was first and Flyfour and I opened the package excited to pour over the map and play a new game we had invented (it's a stupid game where you find a place on the map and then the other person has to google it and tell you the population, what they are famous for, what the town name means etc but Flyfour and I find it hilarious).

And here we are just one week later with a stack of envelopes with brochures for various states safely sealed inside and they are showing no signs of stopping, we had another one delivered this morning and I think that our Postie now hates me!

A Stack of Travel Brochures from the USA