What We Are Eating W/C 14th April 2018

The Meal Plan this week is based on the weather turning nicer... as has been promised by the weatherman, my husband and various newspapers that are also predicting the end of the world!

Drinks in the Garden mean something very different when you're a Mormon

As it happens today (Saturday) has been rather lovely and we've already eaten a picnic lunch in the garden, so if the rest of the week does turn out to be wet, we won't care!

Saturday - Sausage Plait

Dan Jon had this for lunch at School during the week and loved it so much he wanted us to have it at home. Luckily, I knew exactly how to make it and we'll find out this evening if it passes Dan Jon's inspection!

Sunday - Munch and Mingle

We're having a Munch and Mingle at Church today, I've already made two crustless quiches to take (one bacon, one tomato and mushroom) and am looking forward to talking with friends and those in our ward whom I don't normally get to catch up with.

Monday - Soup and Rolls

The children and I ended up having sandwiches instead of soup last week, so we're looking forward to it this week!

Tuesday - Mini Fish Pies

I'm really craving a bit of Fish Pie, so thought I would make four mini ones for us to eat along with some Salad.

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes

I love a Jacket Potato, when it is served with a nice bit of salad and I'm hoping that the rest of the family will basically realise that the saying "If you can't beat them, join them!" applies to the meal this evening!

Thursday - Stuffed Pittas

Last week, I was going to make lunch for myself and my Mum (she ended up making something for us that was different to what I had taken to her house) and so Top Ender got a wicked Packed Lunch the next day (instead of having something from the School canteen) and she asked if we could have it again this week, just for our evening meal.

Stuffed Pittas ahoy!

Friday - Sticky Chicken

I was trying to think of a family meal that we could sit down and eat together and I realised that Sticky Chicken was the perfect dish for us all, even if by Friday the weather had all gone a bit wet and cold.

If it's warm, we'll be eating it with Salad and Rice in the garden... and if it's cold we'll be eating it with Salad and Rice in the Living Room!

So, that's what we have planned this week. How about you and your family? What are you eating and are you ready for a change in the weather too?!