A New Calling

Normally I post at 7am in the morning, on the A Mother's Ramblings blog, because I like to have a post up and ready for the day. Today, however, this post won't go live until around 11am, because I'm keeping a secret, and at some point between 10am and 11am, if all goes to plan, then my secret will be revealed.

A couple of weeks ago, I was released as the Primary President in our ward. (That isn't the secret.)

PippaD having fun as the Primary President

The reason for the release was that the two wards that met in our building were merged to create one ward, our boundaries were slightly changed and this meant, for the most part, there were two people in every calling. Everyone in our ward with a calling and the ward we were merged with was released and the only callings put into place that weekend was those of the Bishopric.

Everyone, well almost everyone, was in high spirits that Sunday as the prospect of new friends sank in and we all settled into our new merged ward. We knew that this coming week, there would be phone calls from the Bishopric, to those they had prayed over, asking if they would attend a meeting with the Bishop before being asked to take leadership positions in the various presidencies for the different auxiliaries.

As I was changing the name of the Bishop in my phone, I joked with some friends that I was also changing the ringtone associated with him, with a loud WARNING tone, alerting me to not answer the phone.

I was only partly joking.

I was half looking forward to sitting in Relief Society each week with my friends, occasionally heckling and more often than not if my memories of Relief Society are correct laughing and crying along with the other sisters as we learnt together, shared stories of our lives and developed friendships which transcend age, but I am not, much to my disgust, a sitter-downer. I like to be in the middle of things getting my hands dirty. My inner sloth hates that part of me so much!

It turns out that I needn't have worried about changing my ringtone. It was my love of Social media that caught me out. I had sent a message to a member of the Bishopric, asking a favour and in return for him carrying out the said favour, he asked me to meet with the Bishop the following day.

And I said yes.

At that meeting on a sunny Wednesday morning, I was asked to be the Young Women's President and despite not having ever been in the Young Women's programme I said yes because I knew that these young women are going to teach me much more than I could ever hope to teach them, that we are going to have a blast together and I know that this is where Heavenly Father wants me at this time.

PippaD The new LDS Young Women's President in the Milton Keynes Ward

I'm so scared!