Football, A Secret And Yummy Brioche!

Dan Jon and I have a really big secret to let you in on, but you have to really keep it a secret and not tell anyone else okay?

We're not Footie fans.

Some of the little children I read with at School, will tell me all about their latest football accomplishments, and I've learnt some of the right noises to make (mostly by a trial and error) and I've given one of the children the nickname Mr Football Legs. I'm really not sure what it means, but he seems to like it!

Dan Jon is really struggling this week, as the project they have been working on this term is all finished and so they have a short project to see them to the end of term... The World Cup and he is fuming! He has no clue about Football other than players try to get the ball into a goal and he hasn't yet watched a single World Cup Match (I've managed at least three!).

Dan Jon at the MK Don's Stadium

Saying that some things we do know about Football is that our local Football Club is the MK Dons, that Dele Alli is a Milton Keynes lad and of course we fully understand the offside rule thanks to one of my Sister's Ex-boyfriends and the use of the Salt and Pepperpots.
Anyway, there is one thing I do know about and that is when someone like Brioche Pasquier launch a competition in collaboration with the MK Dons, I know it's worth paying attention as £1000 worth of footie equipment ould make a difference to a Sports Club or School.

Brioche Pasquier fun with MK Dons

All you need to do to enter is to film a child commentation on their favourite football clip (or clips), or an upcoming match. All details, terms and conditions and where to send your clips can be found on the Brioche Pasquier Facebook page.

Good luck!