Evening Meals W/C 14th July 2018

Oh my gosh, I swear this month is just gathering speed! How can it already almost be the end of the month and the English Children breaking up from School? I swear this is the quickest July we've ever had and I still haven't got round to buying myself some blooms to cheer me up!

Some pretty flowers from last year that brightened my hall

Right, on to the food before it's next Saturday and I'm thinking about feeding my children several hundred times a day!

Saturday - Chicken, Rice and Salad

Last night we would have had Chicken with Roasted Garlic Potatoes, and I know from previous times that I'm useless at cooking the right amount of chicken, so we'll eat the rest today!

Sunday - Roast

Flyfour loves making us (the family) a weekly roast, so hopefully, he'll love to make us one today. If not then we'll just pout until he makes us one!

Monday - Chopped Caprese salad with a twist

Basically, my twist is I add lettuce to make this more of a meal and I'm going to be kind and serve it to the children with a side of homemade Pizza (although is the salad or the Pizza the side?!).

Flyfour and I can cope with a Salad for our evening meal.

Okay, I can cope, he can just... well he can just.

Tuesday - Pesto Bacon Tuna and Veg Pasta

Tonight we have Top Ender's Parents Evening, followed by a small gathering of the Young Women in our home to watch a film together.

I can see it now, popcorn, sweets and soda all over my carpet. I am so glad I have a carpet cleaner under my stairs.

Anyway between the Parents Evening and the film, we'll eat a cold Pasta salad and hopefully, my house won't then stink of the Pesto as it'll have had time to air!

Wednesday - Asian Chicken Salad

I really fancied Duck Pancakes, but it's not to be. This will have to be my cheaper version. I'll serve it with wraps for the children as that means Top Ender will be more likely to eat the Salad!

Thursday - Prawn Stir-Fry

I love Prawns, I really really do. As tomorrow is also the last day of School, I figured we wouldn't mind staying up a little late tonight to eat with Flyfour, although if the weather is accurate, we won't be eating in the garden.

Friday - Jacket Potato Bar

I love a Jacket Potato Bar, it's so quick and easy to prepare as all you do is make a lot of small toppings available and then everyone just picks what they want. In the past we have had Pizza toppings (fun and yummy) but this time I'm going to go for classics, Beans, Tuna, Cheese and possibly Chilli!

So, that's what we are eating this week, how about you?