What We Are Eating W/C 7th July 2018

This week has come round so fast! I was so ready to be full of the joys of summer, but somehow it is Friday already and I'm needing to work out what we are eating next week so I can go shopping in between visiting with a friend, going to School for a Curriculum assembly to see Dan Jon as John Logie-Baird and cooking our Mexican feast!

Dan Jon as John Logie Baird at the Curriculum Showcase

So with that in mind, here is my meal plan for next week!

Saturday - Takeaway

Well, it's not really a Take Away, it's more like whatever anyone wants from one of the Supermarkets, as long as it isn't more than the budget allows!

I'm thinking I might have leftovers and keep the extra money for ice-cream...

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Despite the weather, Flyfour decided he wanted to cook a roast today. Fair play to him, because I am so NOT cooking a roast when I get back from Church.

Monday - Soup and Sandwiches

It's hot. I can't be bothered to cook.

Tuesday - Lasagne

I made two Lasagne's last week. I'm a genius, it's official.

Wednesday - Pasta with Veggies

We also had this last week, but it only took a few minutes to make so we're having it again this week.

Thursday - Fish Pie

I made three the other week. One went on the floor of my car, one went in my stomach and one went in the freezer. Guess which one we're eating tonight.

Friday - Chicken and Potatoes

I couldn't think up a new cuisine for this week, so I decided just to have an old favourite to end the week with. I hope everyone will be happy with my choice.

Also, today is the anniversary of when Dan Jon was diagnosed as being a Type 1 Diabetic, so to say a big <insert rude word of choice here> to Diabetes, we're eating Cake tonight too. Dan Jon has asked for a Gluten Free Cake that Flyfour can enjoy too, so I'm thinking I'll make something chocolatey because I like Chocoalte.

So that's what we are eating this week. Long may the sort of heatwave (it is summer, is it a heatwave if we're supposed to have good weather?!) continue!