Our Word of the Year 2020

I started thinking about my word of the year unusually (for me) early this year, I think it's because I had a newish focus when I re-entered the workforce in September (with my new job as a Senior School Receptionist, it's going very well thank you very much) and was ready to think about the challenges that were coming my way for 2020.

It wasn't hard to know what I wanted to focus on next year.

PippaD knowing what she is going to focus on

I wanted to ensure that I studied my scriptures more and that we had our weekly family home evening, as well as making time to study our Sunday School lessons each week. I also wanted to make sure that I wrote more, not just here on my blog or on Social Media in general, but I want to write fiction, there is a children's story that I've half-written that I want to finish and well, I'm not stopping my dream of having the perfect face for radio...

I spoke to Flyfour about what I was thinking about and was a little surprised that he too had been wondering about my word for the year, as he'd been unofficially adopting my word as his own over the last few years, something about being able to see it each morning and subliminal messaging...

Flyfour had a perfect word that had been going through his head that fitted all I was thinking about perfectly, and this was also something that he had been wanting to focus on next year too. It was fortuitous and so I knew what my word was going to be, even if I didn't know quite how to pronounce it or even spell it!

So our word for the year for 2020 is;

Lucubrate my word of the year for 2020

Yup, Lucubrate.

It means to write or study, especially by night and that's kinda perfect for what I'm wanting to do and when I'll be doing it.

So, that's my word for 2020. Have you got one too?