Top Ender Turns 18

It's Top Ender's 18th Birthday today, which means I'm now the parent of an adult.

I'm sure there was some course I should have attended, that would have given me an insight into what I'm supposed to do now. Some kind of information that would allow me to know how to help her handle the rollercoaster also known as life that is coming her way.

Top Ender sat in her car

Maybe that's the point of it all though. Not knowing what is coming, but at the same time knowing exactly how everything will be.

She'll go to school and eventually take her exams (or not) and then head off to University.
She'll drink bubble tea and she'll eat Sushi and Smoked Salmon and Katsu Chicken.
She'll volunteer and hang out with children and make them feel safe and like they belong.
She'll talk to her boyfriend and her friends and hang out in the park with them.
She'll mod on servers and take part in D&D campaigns and make props that look oh so cool.
She'll make me cups of tea and let me steal her Percy Pigs.
She'll go to work and come home exhausted.

All I know is that Top Ender is loved and as long as that is true, I know that everything will be okay.


  1. Happy birthday Top Ender. I hope she had a fab day. They grow up so fast don't they. I am sure she'll do great in life x


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