Top Enders Friends Giggles - Not just mine then

The day before yesterday during the Question time the following happened

"Please raise your hand if you have a sensible question" said Teacher One
A group of children raised their hands Top Ender being the fastest.
"Yes, Top Ender?" said Teacher One
"When are the Babies birthdays? I know my brothers birthday, but when are the others?"
"That is a sensible question! When is your brothers birthday?"
"Just after Mummy's!"
"That's right Top Ender, Baby Boys Birthday is two weeks after my Birthday on the 15th May."
The other two Mum answered when their babies birthdays were and the children raised their hands again
"Yes, Little Blonde girl?"
"My rabbits birthday is October 15th!" said Little Blonde Girl
"Not really a sensible question, or indeed a question at all is it?" said Teacher One