Wordless Wednesday - Thin Ice (I'll say!)

I've decided that I should have a bit of a pattern to follow on this blog so every Wednesday I will take part in Wordless Wednesday as seen at blogs such as Bottles Barbies & Boys (say Hello to Johnina when you stop by her blog, she is proper funny unlike me who relies upon my children to provide me with funny stuff) so now I shall shut up as Wednesdays are now meant to be wordless...

Sign saying Thin Ice in the middle of a lake

But I do just need to say how thin is the ice?!


  1. And it's posts like this that make me write:

    Hola, an award over at mine for you: http://omgip.blogspot.com

  2. Oh! Thank you, this was very unexpected. Top Ender, Baby Boy and I are very thankful! We shall be over to collect and we shall indeed pass it on!


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