Top Ender tells the truth... sometimes!

We keep a hairbrush downstairs by the television, so that the last thing we can do before leaving the living room (and then the house) is give Top Enders hair a quick brush.

Two weeks ago the hairbrush went missing. We looked everywhere for it but it is nowhere to be found. So we put another hairbrush there. Now it's gone missing too.

We thought Baby Boy was responsible, and we just couldn't work out what he is doing with them or where he was putting them. It has been driving Daddy and I crazy!

Today I found the second hairbrush wedged behind a unit in the living room;

"I found a missing hairbrush!"
"Where Mummy?" asked Top Ender
"Behind this unit, Baby Boy must of pushed it in."
"No, I put that one in there by accident, I didn't tell you as I didn't want to get told off"
"Oh Top Ender! You are so silly, I'm just pleased you told me now."

I'll apologise to Baby Boy when he wakes up later!