Top Ender Giggles - I do too!

Top Ender was eating a cookie at the bottom of the stairs. She had figured that being the other side of a closed gate would allow her the chance to eat her treat without her brother trying to steal it from her.

"Don't drop any crumbs Top Ender!" Said Daddy
"I won't, I will eat it all up!" said Top Ender
"If you do make crumbs you will have to clean them up, okay?"
"Yes Daddy"

A few moments later Daddy stuck his head round the corner to check on Top Ender and discovered her picking up the crumbs she had dropped. Not knowing what to do with them she decided that her best course of action would be to hide them... in my open handbag.

"Top Ender? Why are you hiding crumbs in Mummy's handbag?"
"I wasn't!"
"Top Ender?"
"I thought that would be the best place to hide them as Mummy never pays!"