Top Ender Giggles - At least she didn't get out any vinegar and brown paper!

Yesterday we received a telephone call telling us that Granny had collapsed in Asda, and was being taken to the nearest hospital. Being well versed in Granny going to Hospital Top Ender started to get a Toy bag ready whilst I started getting a food bag ready.

When we got there Top Ender started colouring in a picture for Granny to make her feel better. It was then that we were told that Granny had been taken to hospital as she had banged her head when she had collapsed and this was why she had been brought in to the hospital.

Top Ender then presented Granny with her completed picture - a scene from Jack and Jill, with the statement underneath "And Jack fell down and broke his crown"

Who says that children don't do sarcasm?