I'm back, I'm not better than ever and I'm not any more interesting

Long time readers of this blog, or actually come to think of it long time readers of most blogs will understand that there are seasons to things.

Pippa looking erm I dunno kinda peeved.

I'm not talking, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer type of seasons but more the seasons mentioned in Ecclesiastes (do you know how many times I checked the spelling on that?!) Chapter 3 verses 1 through 8. In case you aren't aware of what that section of the Old Testament says do you remember the song Turn Turn Turn? Well, that's basically the verses put to music.

Seeing as how we're all singing it now, I've put in a link to a version online, with the words as I'm nice like that.

Right, I hear you all cry. We remember the song (thanks for the ear worm too) but what has that got to do with blogging? 

For the last few months for me and my little family it hasn't been the time or season of blogging.

Well DUH! I hear you all say, We've been reading, or rather not reading the blog. We already knew that!

Yeah, I know this is one of those I've been away but I'm back posts and we all hate those. Stay with me however because, well, this is my blog and if you're here you want to read what I'm saying so you know you've made a rod for your own back.

For me the last few months have been a time for me to be selfish.


I've been curled up reading books, watching TV, occasionally eating, a half hearted attempt at cleaning the house, a lot of thinking and even more ignoring of the pile of dishes.


I'm back, I'm not better than ever and I'm not any more interesting.