What Is Santa Claus Going To Bring You This Year?

I was having a play on Facebook the other day and came across an app that can tell you what you are going to get from Santa. I paid particular attention because I've been having a hard time coming up with gift ideas this year.

Daddy and I have often said that we are of an age now, where if we need something or want something we tend to go out and get it. This is why when my Mother In Law asked for some suggestions of gifts to get me, all I could think of was Socks!

Admittedly I do really like socks.

So. I clicked the link and was told;

What is Santa Claus going to bring you this year? Cheeky Santa!

I skipped over the first part and saw the end. I was really excited.

A Slim Laptop.

I actually do need a new laptop. My last laptop, that I won when I won my category in the MADS 2010 has been on it's last legs for at least a year and well, I've been reluctant to buy one because laptops are so darn expensive!

This was all the spurring on Daddy needed however, and he quickly picked a laptop out at a reasonable price and told me if I was so worried about it being too expensive that it could be my something I want and my something I need gift if I felt so inclined.

I do feel so inclined.

Now, I just need to work out about this fat check that Santa is giving me. I mean I know I'm overweight, but seriously Santa?

You're going to call me out on my weight?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

What's on your Christmas List this year?