What We Are Eating This Week W/C 21 November

Can you believe it is almost the end of the month already? I honestly can't. I think that this year has gone so fast. I was just thinking earlier this week about something that in my head happened just a couple of months ago... then I remembered it happened January 1st!

I swear as I get older everything just merges into one big blob of memory.

So this is what we are eating this week!

Saturday - Sloppy Joes

The other day the children kinda demanded we have Sloppy Joes again soon. There was some vague threat of declining to eat any other meal until they had Sloppy Joes, but the promise of me adding them to the menu soon has encouraged the Children to keep eating!

Sloppy Joes with Cheesy Bread

Sunday - Toad in the Hole

Last Sunday as Top Ender and I came home from Church, Top Ender lamented that she was really missing having a Roast on Sundays. I reminded her that in just a few short weeks we were going to be having the biggest and best Roast of all and we'd be eating Roasts weekly again after then.

To kind of appease her, we're having Toad in the Hole today and maybe if Daddy loves us a few Roast Potatoes too.

Meatless Monday - Ratatouille Pasta

Yeah, I know the same thing again. However, I have to use up the Ratatouille and this is the last week. What I am going to need to do now is batch cook some more!

Do you ever batch cook meals or side dishes? And if so what do you cook?

Tuesday - Fishcakes and Beans

I really have no words to add to this, this meal is as simple as having home made Fish Cakes and Baked Beans together. I do love making Fish Cakes, but I find that the Children much prefer the kind you can buy in supermarkets to the kind I make.

Which is a shame because mine have lots of lovely fish in them.

Wednesday - Meal out with my Mum

I do have a horrible course to go on tonight, and by horrible I mean something that I'd rather not have to learn about in order to prevent it happening to Children at the School I'm a governor of, the Children at the Church I go to and of course my two. However as it is important I am going and as such dinner tonight had better be good.

And early.

Thursday - Tuna Pasta Casserole

We need to be quick tonight because of our usual after school clubs (Beavers and Guides) and because it's cold I thought Tuna Pasta Casserole would be great. Plus I can cook it in my slow cooker by putting all the ingredients in just after lunch and it'll be ready by the time Top Ender is home from School!

Friday - Casserole and Dumplings

I'm pretty sure that my children only love Casserole because of the Dumplings. And in a way that is fine because I'm sure when I was their age that was the only part I liked too. Now of course I love the softness of the vegetables, the way the meat falls apart because it is so tender and my favourite bit (other than the dumplings) the circles of French Stick with butter... *drool*

Casserole and Dumplings with Mashed Potato

What are you eating this week?