What We are Eating 15-16th February 2020

One of the main topics of conversation at work each day seems to be, what are you having for your evening meal tonight? To which at the moment I just reply cereal and I feel the other people in the conversation biting their tongue to stop themselves from saying "Again?" or "Is it still February?!" although one friend has been suggesting some rather lovely cereal ideas!

Dan Jon's battered Cereal and Milk Bookmark

Flyfour and I are still happy with the arrangement, but the children are not. Top Ender is demanding we feed her some good food, "You know, like Noodles!" which I have to agree, Noodles are blinking excellent and I'm rather fab at making them. Maybe next year the challenge will be a month of noodles...

Anyway, here's what we're eating this weekend!

Saturday Lunch - Cornish Pasties

Flyfour has got a thing about Pasties at the minute (probably that they don't make gluten-free ones near here and the fact we're off to Cornwall this week coming) and so he made some for him and me to eat (gluten-free!) and we purchased some for the children to eat.

They were rather excellent and we'll be making them again in the future I am sure.

Saturday Evening - Pizza

Nothing brings the family together like Pizza. And seeing as the Pizza Top Ender and Flyfour are eating are around a billion pounds each (okay so maybe a £5) it's a good job that Dan Jon and I like cheap pizza!

Sunday Lunch - Casserole and Mash

Flyfour and I walked around three different Supermarkets before finally settling on Casserole for lunch today. It's the perfect food to eat whilst it's windy and cold which thanks to Storm Dennis it is here... or at least will be.

Sunday Evening - Chicken Tenders

Flyfour was really wanting some Tempura Chicken, so we decided we'd pop to M&S and got some for the children and me too. We also have some vegan mozzarella sticks as we figured that Top Ender would like those seeing as she isn't consuming dairy!

So that's the plan for this weekend, what are you eating this weekend?