What We Are Eating 22nd and 23rd February 2020

It's almost the end of February, so there isn't long until we stop eating Cereal every night. I think that we'll keep it up one night a week though (probably Wednesdays when I'm not around and so Dan Jon can easily make something to eat for himself) and of course, Flyfour and I may keep it up on other evenings when we're just not in the mood to actually properly take care of ourselves by cooking a meal.

Breakfast for Supper

Saturday Lunch - Cinema Snacks

Today is a Cinema day with my Mother in law, we're going to watch a film together, eat Popcorn and Hot Dogs and other cinema-style snacks.

It's gonna be fab.

Saturday Evening - Ravioli

So, whilst we were on holiday one night we had a night at our Air B&B and had a ready meal and I had Ravioli because it had been AGES since I'd had it.

Flyfour was very jealous and so declared that we should have it at the earliest opportunity. Which is tonight and that makes us all very happy.

Sunday Lunch - Potluck!

We're having a munch and mingle at Church, so plenty of different dishes to pick from. I'm just going to cheat this month and grab something from Costco to take. Bowl of Salad? A plate of Sandwiches? A giant bag of chips and dip?

Sunday Supper - Charcuterie Platter

I'm thinking that I'm actually looking forward to this the most. Slices of cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies, meats, nuts and anything else that we want to add. Like gherkins and dips and chutneys and potato salad and coleslaw and... okay that's enough.